HELLO, people of the internet!


*New Blog*

Hi There,


So this is going to be a  new adventure for me... After googling and youtubing and searching all over pinterest about how to start a blog and trying to convince myself that "It's time now Richard, you wanted to do this forever so stop procrastinating and just do it!"

^I generally have these kind of conversations ions with myself^


I was finally convinced. So here we go... (Drum Roll)


A few things about me and what I am going to be talking about and voicing my views, concerns, my likes, my dislikes, basically just doing what the internet said and be me...


I love...




Making Things

Talking Shit


I like...

Awkwardly dishing out compliments

Dark humour

Potato chips

Having a few things lying around to make it more homely :)


This is basically the part of "Fuck it" portion of my life and being expressive in my own way.


So I hope that you will come along for the ride and I will do my best to express myself as best as I can, 'cause I think what happens in my head is interesting and I hope you will too.


DONE, yes. Procrastination is over (Double tap)

                For future reference:


                ^Text, writing, talking shit^ - Context/Justifying it to myself

               (Drum roll)            - Imagine sound effect please


               I'm sure this will key will grow as the blog does, so please refer back. It might help you to understand my brand of crazy :)

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