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Hello there,


So for those of you who do not know me to well, or should I say know me on tour, I don't really get out that much to experience all the sights and 'Things To Do' in every place I am lucky enough to visit. Lame right? Well in my defence I work hard so time and rest are very important. ^So lame!!^ Alas. This week however, I did some research into this inspirational city that has survived some of the worlds most devastating earthquakes. It was nature at its worst as it shook the city where people lost their lives, buildings were floored and a huge chunk of the Christchurchians - I hope that's how to describe them - were left homeless. The city to this day some six years later still carries the repercussive scars left by the quakes with a large amount of construction going on everyday, clearing damaged buildings and rebuilding new modern ones in their place. I am inspired by this city (Heaven choirs sings). So I made my way out to see what this renaissance was all about, but what struck chords with me was the amount of 'Pop-up' art in and around the city. So what I found out, which I though was a great way to boost moral and bring some joy and beauty back into the city, after sustaining such disaster was to breathe life, colour and symbols of hope back into many of the damaged structures or on walls that are next to an open lot which used to be a building but is now being used as parking. ^All said In one breathe?^ Dramatic effect you see... ^Lame^

So I got my camera out and I got snapping. 


Oh, this is important...

On arrival in Christchurch at the desk of the hotel I picked up a little pocket sized city map which had a few of these pop-up art installations clearly marked out, and for good reason because the art was created by some top dogs of modern art, locally and from abroad. But I did some more digging to find that on a website you can find the extensive list and so many great things to keep yourself entertained in this quiet city. You guys will all see below what I saw, and honestly, yes it did take a few hours to walk through town to see the art but that was one of the highlights. I am a sucker for a walking tour and this is one you can do by yourself.

A walking tour isn't complete without a celebratory beer, not only for the new place you have discovered but also for yourself for making it through, even though your legs feel like jelly. (Canned laughter).

This is in no way a review of the art, nor is it a review of the city or a commentary of the progress of the rebuild in Christchurch. I merely had a great day and I want to share. *Happy Face* Maybe one day i'll review something...

*Just remembered* So luckily I was joined by my friend Stephan, he is so funny and FYI he goes nuts on too much coffee. I have never heard someone speak so fast. ^Get on with it^ Right, sorry. So after about two hours of walking we decided it was to cold and we were fading so we stopped at this awesome coffee spot just outside the main city, ordered two flat white cappuccinos as you do and took a seat. I have never seen someone blush so quickly in my life, Stephan was looking at the door patiently waiting for the coffee to arrive and this guy stops outside, takes a final drag of his cigarette holding it between his thumb and his index finger, put out the 'stompie' on the floor, look over his brow and walk in the door. Stephan was transfixed at this human being that he was convinced looked like James Dean. Done. No words. Just red cheeks aghast. I love the power of presence and how moments stick with us. ^You think too much^.


All in all it was a great day. Check out the pics I took along the way. It's awesome to see that, well I like it because I work in an artistic industry, it's awesome to see that in times of strife and disaster people turn to art to uplift and inspire. There are moments when I do feel proud to be apart of the human race. 



Oh yes *Crying with laughter*

Stompie - A South African slang word used to describe the filter of a cigarette after the cigarette has been smoked. 

And Yes Stephan plays piano, and the piano in the pics was a public installation in an area called The Commons.

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    Natalie Gau (Thursday, 11 May 2017 08:40)

    Thank you for sharing Richard. Awesome Art and very well written. ❤

  • #2

    Ryan (Friday, 12 May 2017 19:01)

    Hey I saw the show and was transfixed by it as I am sure many are.
    As a native I can't help but notice all the shots are close to the centre of the city, I would recommend if you can find time to go out to New Brighton and see some of the art and culture mixed in with the aftermath out there.

    Keep up your amazing work x