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One of the reasons I have started this blog is because I LOVE WRITING. Who knows why because honestly I wasn't that good at it in High School. When it came time to write essays or short stories... (Coin drop) I did love writing things that were crazy and drawing cartoons with my friends as characters in their own comic strip. Hang on...That's where I perfected my procrastination skills, in Mrs Adams English class. ^You need a thought key Richard^ Well anyways, writing and I weren't the best of friends growing up. Writing was more like the awkward friend in the corner and I didn't wanna go near him cause I was convinced that he got cooties from the girls and I didn't want to get any of those. So I didn't write much in High School. My writing only really began after I got my guitar for my nineteenth birthday. Mom, I know you read this so, thank you to you and Dad for buying it for me, when I write something really cool and make money from it I will take you both out for a massive spoil dinner. Love you both! So a few years after that fateful day I'm at work and a friend and colleague see's me working on a song and well my brain paraphrased the rest... ^paraphrased...*cry laugh*^


Why don't you take your songs and turn them into a show?

Huh? Write a show? 

Yes, Why not?

Cause that's crazy. What would I write about?

Well you write songs so why not turn them into a show?

^This guy is crazy^...^Ah dammit he is serious^ *Contemplating*

I mean, I like your songs. *Smile* Something to thing about.

Could I? Well maybe...? Naaa, what a silly thing. But, you know. Richard ^looking at myself in the mirror^ you could do it. What happened to your F*#K IT mantra?



#ThisWasLooselyBasedOnActualEvents #BrainParaphrased #ItsReal

^Loosely^ *Smile* ^just can't remember the details^


Well it's the story that counts. 

Above is what my travel life looks like. I love it!

So I have my guitar with me basically everywhere I go waiting for inspiration to strike... at any moment... it sometimes takes a while... to write a show. An original show. My show. By no means am I a master guitarist nor am I the next best thing in writing... well? ^dreaming out loud^ But I have set myself the goal. Remember in the last blog post about the addicted monster that lives inside us... READ HERE... if you missed it. You're welcome. I have set the goal and I will blog about the progress and the days which lead up to its fruition and debut. (scream with face in pillow) 


It's been a wild ride so far and I'm sure its going to get rocky at times but hey what doesn't? 

This is a gem!! Ricky Gervais is so funny!!  ------------------------------------------>

If you have ever wanted to write                   ------------------------------------------>





A GEM!! *Smile*

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Got it!



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