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418 shows/13 months

The brothers Hoedown
The brothers Hoedown

So it's done folks, it's Monday the 22nd of May and Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat has run it's course. We started more than a year ago with the short two week rehearsal period jammed full of discovery in all aspects, choreography, staging, costuming to create a new, edgy, modern take on the show. My personal tally, 415/418 with a whole bunch of them as the title character which was so cool! Just FYI - the three that I missed were due to a migraine that crippled me before a triple show day (not fun). But I guess when a chapter like this comes to a close reflection is inevitable. When you are involved in a project that is as demanding as being in a musical theatre show you are tested on every level. Your body is tired a lot of the time because you are expending so much energy telling the story through choreography, acting, singing on and offstage with quick changes in the wings as well as clean up rehearsals or placing calls.  Then to top it off... Where ever there are people in charge of other people there are... politics. All of these are amplified by the lack of space due to the nature of the beast known as musical theatre. We are required to be in each other's space on stage, in the dressing rooms and where ever we are lucky enough to travel to - for safety reasons. We have lived, breathed, bled and sweated for our job but its not a chore... honestly... What it comes down to, it's a privilege and a joy. The elation of being on stage performing after having worked so hard for so many years to get onto that very stage is worth all the stress that comes with it.

Generally, humans learn through adversity. I don't know of too many people that have grown by playing it safe, without any sort of stress or without testing your physical, intellectual, moral, emotional and/or spiritual boundaries.


In reflection this past year has tested each one and more. When you attempt to reproduce the SAME performance 418 times it's bound to happen... growth, change. And it's crazy to think that you as an ever changing person won't change along with it to adapt to the stress load that comes with the job. It's a lifestyle being in musical theatre. If you want to be a good performer, one worthy of being on stage show after show, the job can easilying become unbalanced. Sometimes consuming. Yet somehow we make it through. Often at the end of it all, though it may have hurt along the way, you are wiser and stronger than you were before. At the end of every show you are forced to say goodbye. You are forced to break up. People generally don't go through too many break ups in their lives cause honestly no one wants to break up. Although, in today's day and age... well whatever. They suck! But at the final curtain you are forced to break up with 30 people all at once. Crushing right? Yup, it hurts!


You know, I was listening to Amanda Palmer's audio book -The Art Of Asking- and she told the story which was told to her by her mentor of a boy that was walking past a farm house and saw a man sitting on his deck with his dog lying along side him. The boy, curious, walked up to the man noticing the dog hadn't moved once. So the boy asked the man what was wrong with the dog to which the man replied, 'nothin', it just doesn't hurt enough to move.' 

We all get comfortable and we only 'move' or learn or grow when it hurts enough to do so. Total paraphrase of the way she told the story, but you get the idea.

The best life lessons are the hardest to learn. So with gratitude in my muscles, bones, my head and my heart thank you universe/god for this hard year. It's been quite a year. Thank you and cheers to the future!!!


Just in case you missed it... Above I take you on a little tour of the show backstage before a show in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. (smile)

o0O Maybe I should do more presenting?

Will be posting soon about the exciting upcoming projects. Thanks for reading.

So many cool projects on the way that will at some point make it to the blog!


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    Natalie (Saturday, 10 June 2017 18:02)

    Totally agree, if the pain of moving is greater than the pain of staying still, we're usually more inclined to stay in our current situation, even if we recognise that we could have better. In this cycle, we struggle to allow ourselves to grow.. we can end up resentful and end up thinking lots of 'what if?'.. On the other hand is the push from society to always be better, to strive for more - you summarised it nicely in an earlier blog post: "To thrive is not only a prerequisite of today's day and age, if you aren't thriving or you are perceived to be stagnating you are almost ostracised." - this is totally true, and I think it can work as an awesome encouragement for those who struggle to face the pain of moving and potentially experiencing a whole new level of growth. It is a little dangerous in that being expected to thrive (or placing your complete sense of worth and value on that) can throw us into overdrive and burnout. If a person is continually pushing themselves to grow and makes friends with the pain and fear that growth comes with, but still knows how to stop, relax, and recognise that failure is only feedback, then I think they've got the balance just right :)