Set On The Dream!

I'm gonna make it happen



So ladies and gentlemen, I have taken the plunge. Yes thats right, I have decided to stop wasting so much valuable time, outside of musical theatre and go after something I have wanted to do for so long. *So scared before, well its enough now*So I went out and invested a whole bunch of money on new equipment and contacted a very talented young producer/guitarist who will be helping me record some original material. YIKES. It's so cool, well I think it is. For those of you who like to read what my crazy mind types out on this blog - Thanks - I hope that you will come to love my music too. The same crazy mind writing the lyrics. (All smiles with tongue sticking out) Sooooo what I want to do is to keep all of you up to date with the process and follow the journey from start to finish here on the blog.

The writing, the playing, the initial recording, the actual recording, the re-recording, the mixing, the mastering and ultimately the performing and the listening. I hope that you all will come along for the ride and following, commenting and getting involved with questions and listening to material before and after, raw and recorded, live and in studio - Got it?


There will also be exclusive content available for Mailing list subscribers. The VIPs getting VIP treatment (Flexed Bicep)! So if you haven't signed up for the mailing list, please do. I intend to make this a fun experience, which I'm pretty sure it will be with great products at the end of it all for all of us to listen to and love. Plus with your help we can make this into something special and hopefully more songs and albums to come...? *Hoping*

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Did you guys know that I have recorded a few covers? Interested? <---Click here for more

If that hyperlink doesn't tickle your fancy try this one *YES MORE MUSIC*


Well, below is one I really love from a musical called Next To Normal call Light In The Dark

Thanks for reading. Till the next blog post.